A week of cake and rain

Another week gone and we have now entered July, Still no proper sunshine weather yet which is causing havoc in my garden the slugs and snails have set up home under every plant they can. We long for some warm sun just to stay around for a few weeks and give us all something to smile about.IMG_5982
Buddy started the week in his usual way Rolling in fox pooh so you can imagine how I felt Monday Morning when I had things to do.
So I have now invested in some Fox pooh Shampoo Ill let you know if it works or not.
I made a yummy Mocha chocolate cake using Rachel Allen recipe from her Book Bake can highly recommend it. Printable version here Mocha cake
I Love Pinterest at the moment I could sit and browse all day if I had the time Which I never seem too.
A few pictures I shared on my Instagram page this week I love these styles for my home which sometimes I don’t know where to start or how to put them in my home I figured if I make little changes first then as you go along it will come together.

This is a collage of my flowers that have arrived in the garden I have been a little disappointed in some as the rain has spoilt them before they can bloom to their perfection.
I have been playing around in My little craft shed and made these pretty birthday cards with some homemade vintage bunting.
And finally I bought some pretty cake tins from amazon this week I wanted something different to red and I think these do just the job.
Im in love with them more than I thought I would be as its always different when you see something online to what they actually are but I’m really pleased with them. If you fancy taking a look for yourself Cake tins
Well enjoy your week ahead and remember to leave a comment if you would like too.
Love Claire xx

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