Be the best version of yourself


This post is really something I have been toying with for a while now, Ive really took a step back lately to see that we all get so wind swept into trying to people please or just be like others, and no thats not a bad thing.

I think social media plays a big part in our everyday lives now and yes I love Instagram and anyone who watches my stories will no I keep it real I don’t dress up or have make up on all the time when I’m talking on my stories, I am who I am take it or leave it, I think this day and age we are all trying to be the perfect versions of ourselves and we forget to actually be happy.

It weighs you down after a while and you are not being true to yourself, I self judge myself so much, But then I look at my daughter who is 14 and has so much confidence its unbelievable I wish sometimes I could have some of it.

We are so quick to judge everyone these days the way people look the things they do, who are we to judge, everyone has a story and a path they have taken. May it be good or bad we make our own choices in this world. It’s how we choose to deal with them that really counts.

So starting this off

I am who I am and I’m fed up of trying to please everyone I am not perfect, Ill never be a size 10 model (not that I ever want to be that size) thats just not for me. And with my medication I’m on managing my weight is a massive issue to me which I’m really trying to control, especially with my fibromyalgia, I can tell you now it really sucks from time to time. It doesn’t get easier you just learn to live with it.


I love being a mum, housewife and looking after my home and making it a place to come home to at the end of a busy day.


A friend told me just the other day the way she would describe me was. Homely, crafty and someone who loves to bake and look after my family. It really got me thinking, Sometimes we are always craving for more in this world and we get tempted by more greed, I should be grateful for what I have and to be the very best I can with what I do have.


So just be happy with yourself and what you have and don’t let anyone tell you differently. We all have to have self care and to have more time for ourselves thats not selfish thats doing whats right for us mentally.

And with no self care you can’t run a family or be the best version of yourself.


We all need a little reminding from time to time


Love Claire XX

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  1. Words of wisdom Claire, thoroughly enjoyed reading this post. We cannot go through life pleasing everyone, it# an impossible task and can only end in failure. Be the best you can and true to yourself, that’s the key

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