Bounty Flapjack

I have to say as I live with a coconut lover (mr yummy bakes) I am always looking out for yummy coconut recipes he might like. Then I found this one its from Britt who has a fab blog called “She who bakes” Now she has so beautiful cakes and bakes to tempt anyone. I was browsing through her blog and came across this one bounty flapjack well. I knew from the ,mniute I saw it I had to give it ago so the following day, I made it.
It went down so well I think its safe to say I’m going to be making it for years to come. Even my Charlies Girlfriend Emily loved them and she isn’t keen on bounty bars.
It was really easy to make and births instructions were so easy to follow what I call a dream recipe. I went a bit overboard with the coconut on top but thought ahh everyone loves coconut right!
If ever Bounty looking for recipes be sure to check out Britt’s Page lots of inspiration there to tempt you Heres a link to her Blog and the Bounty flapjack recipe
Enjoy Claire X

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