Chocolate Fridge Cake

I found this recipe from my lovely friend Judith who I met on Facebook, and I’m so pleased she shared it with me and her followers. I’ve been making it for the past year now and have it in my little recipe book it’s really easy to do and Ellie even makes it herself now too.
When I made it last week a friend of Ellie’s wanted the recipe so she could make it herself, which is great as now we are passing on recipes for kids to be inspired for baking.
3oz butter
2tbs golden syrup
Around 14 milk chocolate Digestive biscuits
6 dessert spoons of normal drinking hot chocolate powder
a packet of smarties or whichever chocolate based sweets you like
Start by weighing out the butter and then add it to a saucepan and measure out your golden syrup and at that too.
Heat gently till all the butter has melted then remove from the heat and add the hot chocolate powder to the butter mix and stir well, place to one side.
Place all your biscuits in a large sandwich bag or a clean tea towel and bash them with a rolling pin so they are all broken then add them to your butter, chocolate mixture and give it all a good stir.
Get yourself a baking tin this could be a round circle tin you use for baking cakes with or a square tin lightly grease your tin with a little butter then tip your mixture into the tin you are using and flatten down and make sure its all nicely even.
Now you can add your favourite sweets I use smarties but you can use M&M’s or maltase’s etc your choice whichever you’re using add them to the tin pressing them into the mixture, then when done place it into the fridge for a good hour before eating.
Enjoy X

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