Christmas Day Tea


If your a little hungry around 6pm on Christmas day we always have a few Turkey and leftover ham sandwiches along with some cheese and I make up some mini sausages I usually buy some fancy cranberry sausages from the supermarket, and cherry wrapped in bacon, yes you heard me right cherries wrapped in bacon, you must try them believe me they are so yummy.

All you do is get normal glacier cherries and some streaky smoked bacon or unsmoked your choice cut them into strips then wrap around your cherries using a cocktail stick to hold them into place. cook in the oven for 15 mins or until the bacon is cooked. believe me, they are yummy the sweetness of the cherries along with the smokey bacon is divine.


Now it doesn’t look much but believe me, you will love them. And you will have room for at least a few of these even after a full turkey dinner and Christmas pudding.

We usually like to eat our sandwiches watching the soaps and especially Call the midwife (which I love) and Victoria Christmas special will be on to I do love those shows, I’m excited just thinking about it now.

Take care I’m off to plan my tv over Christmas lol

Love Claire Xx


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