Ellies Rocky Road


Only 5 sleeps till Christmas and I’m sure you will all be making and baking so here is our Rocky Road recipe

Ellie always makes the Rocky road for Christmas here she makes it after she has broken up from school. It is like a little tradition you have to have it at Christmas as if we need any more chocolate around this time of year.

Here is the one we make

300g of your favourite chocolate melted
150g Crushed digestive biscuits
150g Rice Krispies
Mini or big marshmallows a good handful
Any little chocolates you fancy like matchmakers orange sticks broken up or any of your favourite chocolates
a handful of candy canes broken up
All we do is melt the chocolate and crush up the biscuits then add all the rest to it and place it in a lined tin with a little baking paper and put in the fridge until it’s firmed up.
The best thing about this recipe is you can add pretty much add what you like it does not matter what goes in just put what you and your family love and most of all enjoy


Love Claire Xx

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