I love using homegrown vegetables and fruit from the garden and also foraging for blackberries is something I look forward to every year.
Ive managed to make some blackberry and apple jam, blackberry jam and some Raspberry jam this week.
I use a simple recipe nothing to hard 1 kg jam sugar to 1 kg of fruit for the blackberry and apple jam I do 500 g of each.
See nothing to it you must have a thermometer though as it’s a great way to get the right temperature for the best set they are on offer at amazon at the moment Here
The weather has been so humid and hot this week it does not feel like autumn yet to be honest but I’m sure it will turn soon the garden has really enjoyed the sun but think it could really do with some much needed water theres only so much I can give it.
A cake for the weekend I made this yummy lemon loaf from Miranda Gore Browne’s book Bake me a cake as fast as you can I did add some raspberries from the garden which unfortunatley did sink oops (still yummy though)
Sunday night and The NFL was on Miami Dolphins V New England Patriots Ellie’s team vs mine, so I made some churros with a chocolate dipping sauce to eat whilst we were watching the game.
If you would like the recipe here it is Churros with chocolate dipping sauce
Have a good week
Love Claire x

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