How I stay Organised


Well, the summer holidays are coming to an end I always remember when my two were little I craved to have some sort of routine back, as holidays used to be lazy and carefree days.

Now my two are very much older and its only Ellie who is still in school heading into year 10, they are very much their own people.

I’m always organised and I always say tidy house tidy mind and no that’s not always the case as things need to be left undone as you just can’t do everything all the time. I’ve mentioned before and I will mention it again I love Gemma Bray who taught us all about The organised mum method its great I don’t follow it to the letter but I have adapted it to suit me and my husband as he’s a shift worker I always use the Friday focus but again adapted to my house needs, its great and I can get so much done without realising it does not seem like much at first but if you stick to it then you will notice the difference, and things get so much easier, as they are not that dirty ie. The cooker when I first began it took me a good few hours on the day to scrub it now it takes 30 mins to an hour depending on how quick I want to be that day.

I always do my everyday jobs first thing in the morning along with whichever is set for that day. And if I’m having a really bad day and I just can’t be bothered, (CBA) it’s not going to hurt picking up the jobs the next day, as illness can strike anytime or you just hit your brick wall which I’m very good at doing.

Always before I go to bed I wash up any cups and put them away and plump up all the cushions and generally put things back. Then when I wake up in the morning its a new day with no sign of the day before. A fresh brand new day.

Here is a list of my jobs that I have now adapted around me and my family which sits on my fridge and I have one in my diary.


It may not seem much but this is how I keep organised and it works for me.

Life can be hard especially if your juggling kids and work so if anything can make it that much easier then surely its worth it and I have more time for myself now which is a bonus hence that’s why I’ve taken on the allotment. ‘Doing something for me’

Another great thing I do is buy antibacterial wipes and leave them in the bathroom so when I wake up in the morning after brushing my teeth I always go over the toilet and sink etc not with the same wipe though urrgghhh I do also have the cleaner in there too which if its particularly bad (if Ellie’s been putting on makeup in my bathroom) I go over it all. It takes five mins, plus I always run a squirt of bleach in the toilet to sit overnight. Another job that’s taken care of and you can keep on top of it.

I have my food shop delivered on a Monday that saves me overspending if I go into the supermarket lol.

So they are just a few things I do to keep on top of everyday chores I do.

If you find a way to make it work for you stick to it everyone is different.


Thank you for reading

Love Claire xx



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