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As its valentine’s week I thought what better way than to post about how me and hubby met, so grab yourself a cuppa and get ready for a little read, hopefully I wont bore you too much.


It all started back in 1998, I was working with my family in a local pub doing my NVQ Simon (hubby) used to come in every weekend with his mates at first then nearly every day if he wasnt working away, I always say he was stalking me by this point.

 I did not have a very good childhood my mother and her husband at the time abused my position in the pub and I basically ran it whilst one drank all day and the other sat at the fruit machine. Thats another story.

Anyway I always say Simon saved me and took me away from all the negative and bad that was in my life, He made me feel special, we would sit and do crosswords together, play pool and laugh he always makes me laugh even to this day.

After a long time of flirting with one another it was the end of the year and we had our first kiss on New Years Eve which was amazing, We then had our first date on the 5th January 1999 which i remember to this day I had been ill with tonsilllitus and really did not want to go but did not want to let simon down so regardless I went We had a lovely meal and he treated me like a princess. We were officially a couple and life was really good for the first time in a long time, He would always cook me a mix match of food (whatever he had in the freezer) after my long shifts at work and always walked me home. His dad spent most of his time next door with his lady friend she would always cook him meals and they would go out on trips together which I always thought it was sweet, So we basically had the house to ourselves the majority of the time.

My mother was on the move again in the middle of the night, and I was in love there was no way I was going to be moving again, So Simons dad said I could move in with them which was so kind of him as I really did not want to leave.

So if I had not of met Simon I know I would not be here today as my life was sinking and I dont think I could of taken anymore with my mother. He loves me for who I am he cares and looks after me and never once moans when I spend money its the other way round lol. We do have arguments but as time goes by we learn to pick our arguments which really are far and few these days, We have now been together 20 years. We did everything backwards we had kids, bought a house then got married. But I dont regret one bit of it I love him to the moon and back he is my soulmate, and best friend. Dont get me wrong he annoys me most days but hes mine and I wouldnt change him for the world.

There you have it if your not bored and your still with me, thats a little snippet of me and Simon.

I would love to know how you and your loved ones met if you would like to share please do.


Love Claire Xx

8 thoughts on “Be my Valentine

  1. Dear Claire, what a lovely personal story to share. I have wondered about your extended family as they have never featured in your Instagram, now I understand. To be positive you wouldn’t be the person you are or be where you are without them, you were given the opportunity to know who you wanted to be and what not to do to be you. How blessed you are to of found your soul mate, good wishes to you, you deserve to be happy xxx

    1. Hello Alison, yes im afraid my childhood was not a place of happy times but I strive to be a better person everyday. And im truly blessed to have my husband and kids. Love Claire x

  2. Hi Claire
    Thanks for sharing that lovely story , what a special relationship you and Simon have , it was lovely to here how you met . Me and my husband Steve have been married 27 years and met at a Funeral Directors in a Liverpool . Steve is and was a funeral director and I was an embalmer at the time lol .. not the most romantic meeting but like you and Simon he is my best friend and always looks after me so couldn’t be without him .. 💖xx

    1. Hello Jane, Thats a fab way to of met your husband thats a great story for the grandchildren too, and love finds a way in all places, 27 years is something to be very proud of, thank you for sharing that with me. Love Claire xx

  3. Hi Claire, just wanted to say I was so sorry to read about your childhood but what a lovely story about you and Simon and how you met. You have overcome a sad time in your life and you and Simon have made your own home a much happier one. You have a lovely family xx

    1. Hello Caron, Thank you this was just a snippet of my childhood when I get brave enough maybe one day I will bare all I love my little family and simon, and I would not change it for the world, XX

  4. That’s so lovely to hear – Youre obviously both very happy together and that means everything.
    You speak about your Nan with a lot of love – I think she was special to you and perhaps gave you the love that your Mum didn’t give – I think that your home making skills are from your Nan, it’s clear to see that someone influenced you because you have such a lovely cosy home and its easy to see that you enjoy cooking and caring for your home and family.
    Enjoy your Valentine’s day together xx

    1. Hi Sandra, thank you for taking the time to leave me a comment, yes my Nan was very special to me she died of cancer back 1997 aged 60 she taught me all I know. And I strive to make her proud along with my grandad who has been gone since 2009 sudden heart attack I miss them both so much. Enjoy yours too xx

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