I love Winter


I love this time of the year, and I know so many of you don’t as what I’ve been hearing is.

“its cold” “dark” “boring”

Winter is part of all the seasons and has a big part to play in our world.

I like to embrace every season and enjoy it as the years fly by enough as it is.

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Hygge is a way of life, that is embraced in Denmark, where according to various studies, people are happier than anywhere else in the world.  By creating warm, cozy homes, celebrating the season, unplugging from technology, and connecting with loved ones and nature, the Danish have learned to live a satisfied and fulfilled life.

I thought I would look into the world Of Hygge a bit more as everyone hates the winter months maybe its time to turn that around and to embrace it.

Here are 10 ways to be more Hygge this winter


1. Enjoy your favourite hot drink.

Its true I really love my coffee, and its something I really enjoy along with my sweet mint tea, I see this as my five minutes of peace where you can sit and enjoy it. In Denmark they bring hot chocolate everywhere they go now wouldn’t that be nice if we could adopt that here


2. Pamper yourself

Something I really need to take on this year it’s true what they say if you don’t look after yourself you can’t look after anyone else. Even if it is a hot bubble bath, or putting on a relaxing face mask, Having your nails done or your hair. Just taking time for you doing something you love is all that matters.

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3. Go Outside 

Being outside can be so good for you even in the cold wrap up warm, Go for a walk it really does blow the cobwebs away, it gives you more energy and your exercising at the same time. I’m the happiest outside, The Danish spend lots of time outside and they get proper harsh winters.


4. Enjoy seasonal food

I love to make soups and stews to warm everyone up and using my slow cooker, it’s always nice to eat something that makes you feel warm and cosy from the inside,


5. Plan upcoming Holidays

I love this time to sit and plan what I want to do in the upcoming months even if its just visiting family or having mini breaks away it gives us hope for the year knowing we have plans in place. The Danish use the winter months to plan ahead too.

6. Play Board Games 

Just think after a long winters walk and a Sunday roast dinner what more than a few of your favourite songs, candles lit and the fire roaring and a board game with your loved ones or just beating your hubby at monopoly as I am very competitive. That sounds like a really cosy afternoon/night in very Hygge.

7. Read a new book 

I love a new book or even listen to a book cuddled in your cosy blanket on the sofa or in bed with a cup of hot chocolate there is nothing more relaxing than this.Sometimes, you just gotta stay in bed

8. Cosy by the Fire/candles 

Another principle of Hygge living is lighting some candles, turning on fairy lights and starting a fire and enjoying the soft “romantical” atmosphere.  Winter can be bleak and dark, making it the perfect time to cosy up your home with candles.  Not to mention, they can fill your home with your favourite scents. 


9. Creating a Cosy Home 

Those who live Hygge, spend the time and effort needed to create a warm and cosy home that they love. They spend money on furnishings and decor that they love. They don’t live in clutter. (mmm I have a bit) They fill their space with photos and art, fluffy blankets, and patterned pillows. Whatever you fill your home with as long as it makes you happy and warm that’s all that matters.

10. Get sleep

I have put this in here as sleep is so important and I can’t function without sleep it makes my fibromyalgia flare and I go on a downward spiral. I aim for 8 hours a night and then I can tackle my day ahead. Sleep has so many important factors in our lives, your body heals whilst you sleep, you eat better, you concentrate more. So make sure you get your forty winks 😉 

These are lots of reasons why we should embrace the winter the Hygge way.


I hope this has given you a reason to love winter like I do.

Love Claire Xx

Some pictures are my own and the rest are from (Pinterest)

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