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Well I was approached by the team over at The Coffee mate, They must of heard how much I love my morning coffee well I’m the devil without it.

I will just say this is an AD but I am not getting paid for this I have just recieved this to simply review and share with you all and these are my own personal thoughts everyone is different.

First up is Sublime Moka Intense which is a bean from Guatemala. Between mountains and tropical forrests, sun and rain, The beans reveale their fragrances of fruits, wild flowers and even honey, giving it a more naturally gourmand coffee. This was a really nice coffee.

Then we have Magnifico a Colombian coffee, which is a new found favourite for me. In colombia coffee is grown at a high altitude above 1200 metres, ideal climatic conditions provide the beans with greast richness and with plant and complec notes.

Next to try was this Subtil the Birthplace of coffee Ethiopia produces thoroughbred and elegant beans, Grown at altitude with a perfect harmony of shade and sunshine which combine their fruity aromas with spice and plant flavours.

Last one up is Puissant a coffee from sumatra Volcanic and complex, Indonesian soil gives the beans their rich and structured flavour. This was a nice earthy flavour coffee I enjoyed this after dinner.

Ground coffee to buy here

So there you have a little on the coffee itself, I have my favourite as I do love a Colombian coffee so it has to be the magnifico one but the others are really enjoyable too, we all have our own prefrences I can honestly say these were really enjoyable and It makes you look and think about coffee in a different way, I love my coffee especially first thingin the morning I cant go without I usually use the Starbucks Colombian coffee.

I also recieved this beautiful Diva Cup in a lovely shade of pink/purple which keeps hot drinks upto 12 hours and cold drinks up to 24 hours well I’ve tried it whilst I was up the allotment and wow it worked a treat. So I will see this coming in handy.

I do use my Kitchen aid coffee machine which I absolutely love but if you don’t have one you could use a fresh press brewer or if your looking for something a little different like a ground coffee machine then heres a link to what The coffee mate online shop have to offer.

Thank you to the team at The coffee Mate for this selection of coffees to try I’ve really enjoyed sampling different varieties of coffee and taking me out of my comfort zone.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this Review I’m happy to answer any questions you may have on these products.

Take care


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