Kitchen changes

Myself and hubby have decided that it would be nice to freshen up the kitchen this year, But I thought this would be the most easiest task but it’s proving to be the toughest I have many dilemmas i.e. whether to strip it bare and start again, keep the shell cabinets as there is nothing wrong with them. Then we get on to colour I do love the light colours for the doors but I also love the oak effect too but when you look around every where there all light colours displayed etc so I guess thats the trend at the moment soft colours of creams greys and greens. I don’t have anything against it just not sure.
I love my kitchen so much its true what they say it’s the heart of the house and mine certainly is.
As you probably know I love the country feel even though I don’t live in the country Im slowly adapting my house into a country home. Pinterest have some lovely ideas and along Instagram and every home magazine you read.
I couldn’t resist this photo I found on Pinterest what a way to display plates on your dresser.
I love this style
And this one
b7fe3f1cc8f01d8ddd3332edf5ca0b31 So you can see there is many lovely kitchen styles out there these images are from Pinterest.
Im very money savvy so I like to do things for as cheap as I can if I can up cycle something I will if it can be painted it gets painted.
I found these cool images on Pinterest of good up cycling for lighting. Don’t think the kids would approve though.

Im a firm believer of whats meant to be will be so something will stand out and thats what will be so I will keep looking and find ideas along the way.
I will keep you posted on the changes, and if you would like to share any ideas or kitchen colours you love feel free to its great to have ideas.
Claire xx

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