Kitchen Makeover

I won’t be adding any recipes for the next few weeks as my kitchen is a little bit of a mess to say the least. It is all coming along nicely now the plasterer has been and gone, just waiting for it all to dry so we can start painting (fun Bit).
Anyone who has had their kitchen done will know how much of a mess it is so we are eating lots of easy meals from the freezer, and easy prep meals I do refuse to live off take away. My cooker is in the same place so that will not be moving thankfully. So thats half my battle. 🙂
As I’m having a bit of down time I will be looking at new recipes and new things to blog If there is anything you would like to see on here please comment below I would love to hear your thoughts.
Last week I did have an accident thought I would make a quick Lemon buttermilk Loaf recipe from Jos blue Aga Link here 
I went to put my mixer on (on my only my worktop that was left) and turn her on and the bowl cracked with my finger getting caught which ended with two stitches. 🙁
Think I was more upset about my bowl rather than the blood pouring from my finger. But it’s healing nicely and I’m lucky I have a spare bowl not a glass one but the original silver one so I have something to use.
Well, back to the mess and one good thing I find is that you can have a good clean out to see what you need and don’t which is great I do love cleaning and making things all tidy Lol.
Love Claire xx

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