Making Small Changes


It has been a while since I popped into your email boxes, I want to talk to you about some small changes that im making.

I think its so important as humans to think about the legacy that we are leaving for our children and their children, Its so important even if we change a few things its much better than nothing.

Ive changed my Milk I’ve now gone back to having it delivered it works better for us as we dont use so much and it cuts out the plastic, We get it delivered by Geoff at Milk and More, which its always waiting for me by 6am in the morning a really great service.

Ive looked at the cleaning products that I have been using, I will be honest their are some products that I love and work for me. ie Flash an old product but works a treat also Fairy liquid as that cuts all the grease in the kitchen even on the cooker. Then we have zoflora which is a lovely product if we use it the right way and not too much. Dettol spray is great for when everyone has colds bugs I spray everywhere with that and it helps along with the windows being open.

Those are the only toxic products I use in my home, I do now love the new Method range which is much better than all the other toxic products I love the wild rhubarb spray for the kitchen and the water mint spray for the bathroom, they are anti bac sprays so even better.

I would like to try the Method laundry liquid as that smells amazing, but as lve brought the ecover laudry liquid im trying this one but im not sold on this one it is nice but I do find its not as effective it left some marks on my clothes.

So these are small changes but think even if we all just think about what we use and choose wisely that would be a great start.

Im still researching and looking up ways to be more eco friendly so if anyone has any tips or want to share ideas I would love to hear from you.

Thank you for reading,


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