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Well I was asked to share with you a little bit more on why I have taken on my allotment but not only one but now two, yes someone might say im very crazy and you would not be wrong.

I love being outside its good for you that fresh air well ive out grown the garden and I really want to grow more than I can here so I thought I have the time to give to put in the work for a bigger space. So I enquired at my town council and waited a few weeks and I had the phone call to say yes there was a few allotments available, which to my surprise.

I thought I will just go and have a look and just see, I went round eyeing up these different allotments, very overgrown ones and then the last one was in the corner surrounded by lots of other plots and near the horse field and away from the road.

You guessed it that was the one and I loved the fact you had a little path to walk down to get to the plot. So I went home spoke with Simon and then as they say the rest is history.

Now with the second plot it was the one that was next door and very overgrown and had not been worked on for well over a year. I sked if it comes up for rent that i would take it on to which they were more than happy for me to.

So November 7th I was the proud owner of my second plot. I opened them right up and plan to fence it all in and make it a place to come and potter about and just sit listening to the birds. its so good for your mental health.

I think being active plays a big part in my life I have to always have something to focus on and this is a great way to keep my mind and body happy.

My little bit of hevan.

If you want to follow more I will be adding to my section in my tabs above of what I get upto on the plot there.

Thanks for taking the time to read my post


Take Care 

Love Claire Xx


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