My favourite place to be at the moment


I love my garden its changed over the years, I love sitting out listening to the birds and just watching the world go by I love pottering about pruning dead flowers and weeding. It is so rewarding when you have plants you have grown from seed and you watch them grow.

I love the rose its truly a firm favourite the amount of different varieties out there is amazing, I have five roses which are all different and so pretty, They all smell so nice.


My summer border is starting to bloom nicely it is so nice seeing new flowers that open and ones I’ve forgotten about too.

The vegetables and greenhouse are coming along thick and fast too lots of raspberries and plenty of rhubarb,
A place I love to sit and take stock of the busy world we live in I got this bench 8 years ago in memory of my Grandad so I can sit there and feel like he is with me, somehow strange I know but its how I deal with things.
It is not perfect but it is my little place I love to spend time in everyone has there happy place and this is mine.
Stop, Think and take in whats around you life is too short for regrets live for today.
Take care Claire x

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