My new Toy The Bread Machine


Ive crumbled with the pressure Ive only gone and got myself a bread machine from Lidl’s it was a good price and ever since I’ve had it I’ve been making lots of bread and pizza dough so it is proving to be a good investment,

I will have to say I did have a few messages saying don’t do it but I really want to be more self sufficient hence the allotment and saving on plastic is becoming my way of life now we all have our own thoughts on all this but I think small changes is better than none at all.

It has been fantastic I’m still trying out recipes and getting the right one I was kindly sent some vouchers to use for wrights bread mixes which I have to say are very good as all you have to do is add water then the mix and there you have bread, this may come across lazy but when your busy doing everything else surely this is just another pair of hands in the kitchen thats the way I see it anyway. life to short to get hung up on it.

Ive been reading up so much on yeast and flours to use it does require a good source of protein in the flour to react with the yeast for it to work and no that does not mean you have to use expensive flour I’m using Tesco’s and its proving to be working for me I did try Waitrose flour but didn’t get on with it but every bread maker is so different they all come with there own recipe books so thats always a good place to start as those recipes don’t normally fail. Well they havent for me yet. Ha ha

I made some pizza dough with my bread mixer all I had to do was once it was done take it out and cut into two large pizzas or 4 small ones and roll to a circle shape and leave on a lightly greased baking sheet to prove for another 15-20 mins before cooking and choosing what topping you want of course.

Now that might sound lazy to you but I can’t do repetitive actions especially with my hands so making bread and pizza dough by hand for me hurts so much, and this has helped me so much, if you make your own I take my hat off to you.

So if you are thinking of getting one I can highly recommend getting one its not for everyone, its what works best for you as a family, and yes it does take a long time to bake mine is 3 hours 25 mins but it takes me 5 minutes to put all the ingredients into the pan and thats it I always do it first thing in the morning and get on with my day and when its done its done.

I hope this helps you it’s not for everyone and it’s been a challenge to find that perfect loaf and lots of fails along the way, life is not perfect even when it comes to bread. Ha ha.

Well, if you do get one I would love to see what you think and how you get on so please share with me.

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One thought on “My new Toy The Bread Machine

  1. Hiya Claire, I’ve had my bread maker for about 16 years now, it gets used daily and it’s the best £20 I’ve spent, I know more modern machines do lots more than mine, jam etc, but mine does what I need it to do, so, happy experimenting,
    Take care

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