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If you can remember back to when I posted about my accident I had with my finger and my glass kitchen aid bowl which broke and me ending up with stitches in my finger.
Well, I contacted Kitchen aid via email just outlining what happened and just to inform them of what happened. I spoke with a lovely lady at customer services which then said they would replace the bowl free of charge which I was not expecting at all, to be honest I was so shocked as no one replaces anything for free these days especially when its 5 years old your lucky if they do and this case I was lucky which I’m totally over the moon as I really loved my glass bowl as it has the measurements down the side so I always find it so easy to use.
IMG_4995And not only did I get a replacement bowl they sent me a five piece bakeware set which I’m in love with already.
I can honestly say Kitchen Aids customer service is fantastic and truly look after there customers. I love my kitchen Aid and my food processor from Kitchen Aid and I would be lost without them.
So if ever you are deciding on which make of mixer to go with I can highly recommend the Kitchen aid Products Ive not had any problems with mine and If I did I know the customer service team would be fantastic so well worth the money.
One Happy Mrs Yummy bakes XX

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