Our trip to Paris

Well Paris another little adventure with Simon I love our city breaks seeing the world. 

We traveled by Eurostar standard premier going as we traveled on our actual Wedding Anniversary 13 years. It was great and the food we got was lovely.

When we arrived we got the metro tickets which I can highly recommend as they allowed us to hop on the metro, which is very much like our underground so once you get the hang of it you will be fine. The tickets you get are so small we had to make sure we didnt lose them as if we were stopped without them then it would be a fine on the spot.

Our hotel was a five minute walk from the metro stop which was really central. Hotel Elysees Opera the room was so small but you only need it for sleeping so you can’t really complain. It was clean and freshly made daily, no kettle or iron which is ok but when you have been on your feet and all you want is a cuppa, note for next time is to take our own travel kettle. 

Screenshot 2019-04-07 at 11.35.53.png

bedroom at elysees opera

Well we went for a little walk to find somewhere to eat we found a restaurant which was very busy with lots of people outside so we thought a good sign the restaurant was Augustia They seemed very nice found us a table and gave us the English menu we thought brilliant.

We went around The Louvre and paid to go in to the museum where we saw

The Mona lisa and all the beautiful art, there detail is amazing and the history of it all is so interesting.


And when in paris it would be rude not to walk down the Champ Elysees and see the beautiful Arc de Triomphe and all the expensive shops live. The detail in this structure was amazing, I cant get my head around the fact this is in the middle of a very busy road. 

Arc de triumph

I can highly recommend a Cafe Holybelly 5 they did the most amazing pancakes and coffee and was really reasonably priced too, a place you should put on your list to visit.


Then to finish the day off we had brought the meal and show tickets for the Moulin Rouge The performance its self was really good.  But a very long time to sit down in one place for around 4 hours. I would highly recomend the show only as the food was nice but not alot of it but thats what you get for a dinner and show anywhere.

We did get a bottle of champangne with our meal so that was me sorted. 

I got the tickets online before we left and printed them out you can get them anywhere online I got mine direct from the moulin Rouge, but look around for the best deals.

The pastries were so much nicer but then you would expect that for Paris as that is very much what they are very good at, I loved there chocolate twists. 


We went along the river to see the Notre dame Cathedral which is absolutley beautiful inside and out, theres a sense of calm when you walk in and the archeticture and detail was breath taking. I alway light a candle and say a pray when I go in places like this, Me and simon sat in there for a while just taking it all in. 


All that was really left to do was The Eiffle Tower which I pre booked before we went, on there website. I booked a slot too not that it really made a difference as if you turned up you could join that queue. I will say one thing get there early as the amount of security to just get in was crazy but good if you know what I mean. it was very much like a cattle market in between the rails going one by one, It took us just over an hour to get in and then up to the top a further hour, and it wasnt particulary busy, I do think they should limit people going up to the very top as it was so crammed up there, apart from that it was a lovely view, they had a small shop and a place to grab a drink on the second floor which was average. We did not see the restaurant as we came back down via the steps. Im pleased we did it because we can now say we have been and done it.

Eiffle tower

We ended our last night with a night time river cruise which happened to be when the earth hour happend so we managed to capture The Eiffle Tower lights coming back on which is something we might not see again. That was something very special.

We brought the tickets on line using a company called Headout and the company of the boat was bateaux Parisiens, it was lovely to do at night time as we got to see a little more of Paris you would’nt see normally. 


We walked and walked and traveled on the Metro which was the best way of getting around, its certainly a beautiful city and I’m sure there is alot that we missed I would defienetly go back just to see the real Paris without the touist bits. 


We had an amazing time away the weather was amazing and the Eurostar was without fault I would highly recomend them its the best way to travel and so easy.

If you do go to paris do as much research as you can I did a bit but felt I could of done more, Like where your hotel is positioned whats around you look for online reviews etc as that is so much helpful to know before you get there. It will save you hunting around for somewhere to eat as we were searching for places to eat all the time.

Well paris you have been a blast but now its time for a new adventure I wonder where next???.

Eiffle tower 2

Love Claire Xx

Thank you for taking the time to read this hope you enjoyed it if so make sure you hit the like button.



4 thoughts on “Our trip to Paris

  1. Hi Claire. I enjoyed reading about your trip. I’m glad you had a great time. I came down the steps too from the lower platform. Did you notice the toilets right at the top?!!! We bought a two day ticket on the river boats so we could hop in and off at any time which was really useful. Did you see the mini statue of liberty. If you ever go again it’s worth the walk up to the Sacre Coeur which is a lovely place and has amazing views over Paris. X

    1. Hi Alison, I did notice the toilets, they were out of order when we were there. I did see the mini statue of liberty, its much smaller than in new york lol. I would like to go again and see more as i feel there is a much more of paris that we dont see. And next time I would like to go to the Sacre Coeur we couldnt fit it in as the saturday was mainly spent queing for the eiffle tower lol. X

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