Self Care Bucket List


We all need to take time for ourselves we are all so busy with everything life throws at us each day and the weeks disappear before we can even think.

I like to make a plan of action where I write things down that I want to do in that week and then it gives me focus.

I have put together this self care list for you even if you only use one or two items from the list its something positive and you have taken time to stop and do something for you.

If we are stressed and feeling the pressure of life, then everyone in the home will feel it all too. Happy wife happy home I believe is the saying.

 My goal for this month is to try and do at least an hour a week doing something for me.

  Self Care Bucket List

 Read a new book 

Have a bubble bath with your favourite candles

Buy fresh flowers for your home

Listen to your favourite music/podcast

Have a facial

Go for a coffee with a friend

Sit in the garden before anyone is up and listen to the birds sing

Bake something that you love

Treat yourself to something nice

Do some Yoga/Pilates

Power nap

Watch your favourite TV programs

Listen to your body

Go for a walk

Spend at least an hour a week doing something for you


Printable version if you would like to print it out Self Care Bucket List

Please let me know how you get on either in the comments or on IG tag me in your posts lets get everyone taking time for themselves.

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