My new project 129b

I signed the Allotment Tenancy agreement today, so its happened I am now in charge of 129b, it feels kind of crazy and good at the same time, I have no clue where to really start if I am honest, I’ve made a few plans but as we all know they never really stay the same as there is always something that doesn’t play ball.
Here are a few pics of what I’ve got to play with it is 48ft x 22ft so very big.

As you can see lots of work is required, I’m hoping this is going to be an enjoyable project that will give me a place to come to and escape the everyday dramas.
I will try and document as much as I can and share it with you all so keep a look out and if you have any tips please do share them with me.

Have a great week

Love Claire xx


  1. That’s amazing news !! Well done lovely ?? depending when you are planning on growing – get the plot covered with card board to suppress the weeds – or turn it over – keep areas for your autumn / winter crops to go in now and plant field beans in the rest for a green manure crop to chop down in feb — get out your gardening books and start making plans ? good luck lovely x

    1. Thank you so much, for your advice its very much needed im certainly going to get looking through my books. xx

  2. Hi Claire, I wish you good luck in your new project, my husband has one and does find it hard work but it keeps him out of mischief. I think it has been harder this summer because of th3 heat but I am sure you will love th3 challenge an£ of course the rewards. Once again, good luck

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