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Well, I planned to get this post out on Saturday but it never quite happened due to being busy with you tube and VE day celebrations, So I do apologise. Im trying to post weekly for you.

I thought I would do like a weekly round up of what’s been going on and throw in a recipe too. So its a little bit like having a cuppa and a slice of cake with me. I thought it would be really good and a great online diary for myself. 


Wow the end of April just flew by for me with both the kids birthdays well I say kids Charlie turned 20 and Ellie turned 16. Where the heck does the time go I really don’t know. It feels like I now have mini adults in the house to children. ‘well in a way I do’  So this meant I had to make Ellie a 16th Birthday cake and try and make the day special as we are still in lockdown. She looked on Pinterest and came up with some ideas and decided on what she wanted all was left was for me to try and pull it off. Im so glad I didn’t film that one for youtube we would still be there now. Lol The sponge its self was fine, I got a couple of ideas from friends I made a basic 3 vanilla sponge rounds and then all I had to do was buttercream the outside and top, then do a chocolate drip and decorate with white chocolate strawberries. Not hard at all you would think. Oh my days I had a nightmare sometimes the simplest of cakes is the worse for me. I cursed, cried and redone the buttercream a 100 times well it felt like that anyway. But I did get there eventually and she loved it, Phew.

So then we hit May still in lockdown and all starting to grate on each other now I’m lucky hubby still works so it feels like normal for me as I’m still walking the dogs doing the chickens and coming home thats it. That is pretty much my routine daily and then once a week going out for food. I quite like this slower pace of life Ive got so much more done and saved money so that has to be a good thing right. But then saying that we are the lucky ones who have not been effected by this deadly infection so I feel very blessed to have my family all healthy as I know so many are in a much different situation and things will never be the same again. So hold on to the ones close to you and tell them you love them.

Instagram, my garden, my dogs and allotment has been my life line without these I would not have been able to get this far I know that for sure. Instagram you say I have made so many like minded friends who share the same interests as me. And one day we will definitely be meeting up, It’s taken my mind off this current situation and has helped keep me focused. Its where I thought of the Hashtag Sharewithmeyourgardens came about to give us all something to focus on and it took off that I have now turned it in to a page to share all the garden love with everyone.

Then we have just had VE Day 75 years wow we owe so much to those who fought for our freedom today, we celebrated in our back garden with an afternoon tea and some family games which kept everyone busy and laughing. I made some homemade scones and a Victoria sponge tray bake with a jam filling which i filmed me doing it for my Youtube Channel. I will share the recipe with you here so if you want to give it a go you can.

Well, I will leave it there but I will be back next week at the normal time of 10am on Saturday for my weekly round up and to share a recipe with you. So make sure you have subscribed to my blog so you don’t miss my posts.

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Lots of love



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