Cuppa and a Catch up

Hello again,


Where has the week gone, started off with the prime minister saying that we can go to work if we can and are aloud to go out freely now, which left me feeling quiet unsettled as there was no defienate rules, So I have decided to just keep doing what I do and then I know I’m safe and I’m not putting my family in any danger. And its becoming quite the norm now I don’t know how I could go back to how things were before. But this seems to be something we have to deal with for the next year or so.

Anyway enough of all that,

As you probably know i love to keep busy if its not up the allotment it is at home in the garden or faffing, well lots of faffing to be honest.

Things are coming along down on the allotment Ive planted out the runner beans, french beans, Lincoln peas and sugar snap peas. Potatoes are starting to show too. All the summer flowers are coming along nicely in the poly tunnel tomatoes and cucumbers and all settled in to there places in the greenhouse. So all in all I feel like im wining. Ive just got to take the old metal coop down and prepare the new summer flower beds and create a new path before the extension of the chicken run turns up.


Ive managed to finish off the pergola Ive painted it silver copse Cuprinol range I love it, Ive got some bedding and pot plants to fill up some pots and hanging basket, Ive ordered some fairy lights too. Which have now come and will try and get them up this weekend. If we are going to spend more time in our gardens its only right to pretty them up isn’t it. I seem to spend more time out there at the moment but I do think its helping me as without it I think I would have gone mad by now.


But being so busy has its down side, Ive crashed and burned again this week I started off with a sore throat its my body’s way of telling me I’ve done too much again, (Fibro Warning) so I’ve taken my foot off the gas and stopped a little I need time to just breathe it’s so hard at home when you have everyone pulling you in all directions at times. But a few early nights and I will be good again. The joys of having fibromyalgia, I will not allow it to define me.

I love my new instagram page” share_with _me _your_gardens” Its somewhere where I can share all the lovely gardens and inspiration for others especially after we are spending so much time in our gardens at the moment. So if you have not checked it out go and have a look. And start sharing and using the hashtag so I can share yours.

We need some cake to go with our coffee this weekend don’t we so what’s everyone fancying? I was thinking carrot cake have not had that for ages. It is the weekend we can have a treat, “Right”.

Well, I hope you have had a good week. We have to stay positive, Im always here if anyone needs to chat.

Next week what cake would you like to see let me know in the comments? After all if we are all having a cuppa we need cake.

Hope you have enjoyed this type of blog post I thought it would be something a little different and Ive tried to keep it short so I don’t bore you all.



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