Christmas Planning

Christmas planning

If you are new to my website you will think I’ve gone mad and I’m talking about Christmas too early right, but you have to be prepared. Its that time again Christmas will be here sooner than you think let’s get this done.
So here is a breakdown of how my Christmas goes.

  • Make Christmas chutneys and any jams.
  • Make Christmas cake, start making homemade Christmas presents.


  • Order Christmas meats from the butchers.
  • Find out who’s coming for Christmas and how many you will be cooking for.
  • Make a gift list and budget
  • Wrap presents as you buy them, make sure you label them as you go.
  • Make Christmas pudding
  • Do a meal plan
  • Begin making or buy Christmas cards (do a few a day then you don’t have so many in one go) Start writing them out
  • Post-Christmas cards
  • Put the decorations up (I’m always early) then I’m not messing with it through December.


  • Make mince pies and freeze them.
  • Finish wrapping and buy Christmas presents
  • Prepare as much of the food you can beforehand and freeze the more you get done the less you have to do
  • Relax and watch Christmas movies
  • Drink hot chocolate
  • Do Christmas baking
  • Buy a couple of extra presents in case you need them ( I like to buy a really nice box of biscuits)
  • Plan your Christmas shop I use Tesco’s online as it saves the stress of going around the shops.

I say this every year
If you are scared of Christmas Day dinner one thing I’ve learnt and I know Mary Berry has said this. “It’s like a normal Sunday roast just a bit bigger” everyone worries about it but don’t just enjoy, with a glass of fizz.
This all sounds straight forward and easy and I’ve probably forgotten something but this is just a guide nearer the time I start writing lists so that I can work from them.
I will be doing weekly Instagram/ facebook posts soon so keep a look out lots more tips along the way.
Thanks for reading hope you find it useful and it gives you some ideas.
Happy planning


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