My Daily Routine as a Homemaker


Thought I would share with you my routine that I do everyday, from the moment I get up.

1. Make the bed

I always pull back the covers off the bed to allow it to air and then after breakfast I then make my bed up. Making your bed is sort of that “accomplished task” of the day feeling. It’s something you can do that is quick, but very satisfying. This daily discipline just gets you off on the right foot every single day.

2. Get dressed

As a homemaker, it’s sometimes easy to stay in our pajamas all day. It’s comfortable and you’re just at home anyway. However, its good to get into the habit of getting dressed from head to foot. When you wake up in the morning, make it a point to get dressed. You don’t need to be dressed in anything fancy, it just needs to not be pj’s. Just getting dressed will make you feel good and like you can tackle anything!

3. Dinner Prep

Is there anything worse than it being 5 P.M. and you don’t know what you’re making for dinner? One daily discipline for every homemaker is to get dinner started. And with a meal plan in place you can prep early enough not to have that rush around dinner time.

3. Theme your days:

These are mine:

  • Monday – Housework, food shop
  • Tuesday – Allotment and clean chickens out
  • Wednesday – Blog
  • Thursday – Clean Kitchen and Bathroom
  • Friday – Focus Big job
  • Saturday – Family time
  • Sunday – ironing meal plan and order food

4. Self Care

We all forget about ourselves, so mine is usually first thing in the morning before everyone gets up and having that first cup of coffee. self care can be anything like having your hair/nails done the gym, running even meditating whatever you enjoy make sure you fit it into your daily routine.

5. Last thing before bed

I always wash the cups up and put them away and make sure everything is tidy cushions plumped “I’m trying to train the husband with this task” I think its so much nicer to start the day with a tidy home. Makes such a difference to your mood first thing in the morning and then your ready to take on what ever the day brings.

6. Sleep and Rest

Staying up late and getting up early will make you tire quickly. So it’s important to get plenty of rest as a homemaker, you certainly can’t run yourself ragged. One daily routine that a lot of homemakers should follow is getting plenty of rest. Go to bed early and get up early. You can even go to bed late, but at least allow yourself time to sleep in. Rest is an important component to being successful in life.

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