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I thought this would help me and you now more than ever with our current situation, every little bit helps and I’ve been struggling to find balance and routine.

So here is my top 5


1, Cook more

we can’t keep eating out like we used to as it costs so much more and if you eat at home you can save so much money. then when you do go out for a meal you really appreciate it more. you can pretty much make all takeaways at home now the pinch of nom book has a whole section dedicated to takeaway meals “fake-away”

2, Finances and budgets

Another aspect of basic homemaking is managing your household’s finances. Yes, this can be stressful, Managing finances includes creating a budget, balancing the bank account, paying bills on time, and keeping everything straight. If done well, you will feel so much better.

Years ago managing household finances looked very different to how it is these days. Now there are a lot of great tools to help you. You can use budgeting apps, online bill pay, or use your bank’s phone app to help balance your bank account. I do use a good old fashioned pen and paper for my bills and budgets and put them in ring binders.

3. Clean home

It can be hard to juggle the house, kids, a husband/wife, and everything else in the 21st century. However, the basics of homemaking include cleaning your home, You may find that setting themed days helps your home get clean and stay clean (Monday you clean the living room Tuesday you clean the bedrooms, etc.). This method is from the organised mum I’ve done mine around her method as its what works for me and I find it so useful. And it’s more than okay to make a chore chart and get your kids on board with doing chores and cleaning the home.

4. Meal planning

Running a home is not for the faint of heart. This is especially true if you have children. There is always something that needs to be done! Having food in the house is a big job. Cooking is a big enough job on its own, but the food doesn’t just walk itself into your home. You’re going to have to do the food shop, which means sticking to a budget. I always do my food shop online with Tescos and have it delivered on a Monday morning. I buy what I’m going to need for the week. Which I always sit down on a Sunday when placing my order I work out a meal plan so we no what we are having. This takes the stress out of what were having during the week. And im only buying what we need, which if I was to go to the supermarket then i would end up buying more. So this is a great money saver.

5, The washing basket

Going back to the basics of homemaking includes staying on top of the washing, It’s amazing how easy washing has got in some ways, but also how much harder it has become in others.

Washing laundry for a bunch of people is HARD work. However, keeping on top of the washing can help you feel less stressed out. If you can create a laundry schedule that works for you, you will be better off. I know you will all agree with me when I say “if only my bank account filled up as quickly as my washing basket”

Laundry includes washing clothes, drying, folding, and putting it all away. In the warmer months it’s so nice to get the washing on the line, and it limits the use of the tumble dryer which gets used in the colder months.

The basics of homemaking have never changed. However, the way they are done has! We are all busier now. So it’s important that you find a way to fit homemaking into your schedule and make it work for you. Don’t worry if the way you manage your home is different from how your favourite celebrity or Instagram family does it. Everyone’s homemaking style is different, based on their schedule, their family, their home, and their own interest, There is no right or wrong way.

Cleaning, cooking, doing laundry, and managing money may not feel like the most amazing job in the world. However, it’s a vitally important one. Without good homemaking, a family can’t thrive. So never underestimate how important your role as a homemaker is.

Love Claire xx

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