Housewife and Proud


Grab yourself a cup of something hot and nice and sit down for five minuites. Im going to talk about being a homemaker/housewife and the stigma that it comes with.
Whilst I was puting hashtags on one of my Instagram posts the other week I went and had a look at the #housewife and there was a lot of half naked women. I often put half naked photos of me doing the housework on my Instagram (NOT) it really anoys me that women who stay at home are given that image, most of the time im in my comfy jeans and hair up and no make up, this is real.
I can definitely say that I enjoy being a housewife/home maker. It is something that I dreamt of when I was a young girl. I envisioned myself as a wife and a mum at home, wearing a neat apron with nice up do and make up, happily doing all the housework and cook amazing meals.
I thank God that my dream in deed came true, not the part of wearing an apron with nice hair do and make up though because I find it more trouble than it’s worth. You will find me hair up and comfy clothes (hahahaha)!!! I am truly blessed and grateful to have this opportunity to spend my whole time and energy taking care of my husband and preparing my kids for the world ahead of them.
I was talking the other day with a friend and I said I felt not needed as our family is changing and growing up. She pointed out that if she was describing me to someone she would say that I love being at home looking after everything cooking and baking and being the support for my family. I never looked at it like that, I am so lucky to be able to stay at home and not work, but I use that word very loosly as I see my job as a full time one without getting paid money but I get paid in seeing my family grow and enjoy life. Its listening to them when they come in from school and work, being there to wipe the tears, guiding them with reasuring words even if you dont really have the answers, never ending washing and Ironing cooking and cleaning, sorting bills and making sure everything is paid.
Im a very traditional housewife I look after everything in the home and Simon suppports us by working hard bringing in the money, So its like team work. If I did work then believe me things would be different everything in the home would have to be done 50/50
I enjoy my role in this world and it may not be very modern but it works for our family and as long as everyone is happy thats all that counts.
I like it when people ask me if I work and I say no they look at me as if im lazy but I think these people are small minded as if you actually got paid for everything you do you would be surprised at how much you would earn they dont understand the importance in what we do.
If you choose or have to work then thats fine too I think it comes down to balance as with any marriage/relationship no matter what situation. its a 50/50 role.
You as a person are important within whatever role you play in this world, being part of any loving family is priceless.
I do think its important to delegate some of the house chores like washing up and putting away after them and Ellie has to clean her own room etc. As these are life skills and as a mum we are teaching them how to live independent lives. I know that both my two kids can cook, clean, use a washing machine and iron. I do believe schools should bring back home ecconomics.
So be proud of being who you are be it a housewife, househusband, and even if your the one bringing in the money, you all have important roles.
So before anyone uses the term “shes just a housewife” stop and think of what actually comes with being a housewife. its one of the most important roles in life and the most rewarding one too.

You cant put a price on love after all thats why I do it.

Take Care

Love Claire xx


  1. Well done Claire, we women put too much pressure on ourselves, whether we stay at home, have a career or do both. Totally agree we should do what makes US happy. I love seeing your posts and it doesn’t matter if you’re in your comfy jeans with your hair up and no make up, you’re always a cheery, happy person so carry on what you do ?? ???

    1. Thank you so much and that’s exactly what I wanted to get across, just be happy in whatever you do. Thank you for taking the time to message me xxx

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