How the allotment has helped me mentally


I thought I would take time out to talk about the allotment and how it has helped me over the past 18 months, I was stuck in a rut as I did not know what my purpose in life after the kids were growing up and no longer required me to be so full on. Well, Ellie’s always been independent to be fair. I just felt at such a cross roads it was like I lost me as I’ve always been a full time mum, which yes I still am but I have more time for me and I had to find Me again. Whatever that is.

So this is where the allotment and my dogs have really helped me through this, Ive always loved the outside a country girl at heart. We are also dealing with our current situation Corona virus, and in lock down. So having this to go to and walking the dogs has really been a lifeline for me. Just being outside in the open fresh air is so good the smell and sound of the birds just makes me calm and allows me time to process life. I have always been a lover of country living and the good life. Just getting lost in digging or planning, sowing and planting lets me get lost in the world and shut off. There is something about the dirt with me just running my hands through it makes me feel connected to it all.

I love walking the dogs then ending up at the allotment where I put the kettle on, Have a coffee whilst sat watching the chickens and listening to the birds. It really is the best time of the day. Me time if you want to call it. I am who I am I love being a mum and a housewife and I am proud to be able to provide my family with fresh vegetables, fruit and eggs Then cooking and making something good with it. This is my role in life, and it’s not for everyone but for me this is what makes me happy. I will always be a country girl at heart and whilst I can’t live in the sticks totally away from everyone this is the next best thing.

We all have that happy place ie garden, crafts, cooking gardening or working whatever it is just embrace it be happy and don’t let anyone tell you differently its so easy to be influenced by others.

I have a place where I can have my own head space time and peace, I think we all really need that one thing where its just for you and it can be anything. This has helped me in so many ways I never thought would be possible.

I hope you have somewhere you can go, do, especially in times like these when we all have limited movement and loved ones we are unable to see the powers of social media is so important right now we need to all stick together and keep each other going and we will come out the other end.

Until next time Stay Safe and Stay at home.


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