Building myself back up

Hello I stumbled across Helen Hopkins who is a personal Balance Coach she was starting an Exhausted to energised 5 day bootcamp for free on facebook, and I thought right I’m signing up. Lets do this

So I joined at 8pm for half an hour from Monday to Friday, Thats all

It was sectioned into five bite size portions

Who do you really want to be? What’s important to you?

I found this one quiet hard and I still don’t no what I really want and I know my family is the most important to me but I dont take time time to think about myself. The first step was to connect with our future self, which im still working on. This is the chance i can be the best version of myself and be the centre of your ripple.

Eating For Energy

I got so much from this session as its all about eating what your body wants and to learn how you feel from eating certain foods, So Ive taken one tip from Helen was to write down what meals you have eaten and how your body reacts and if your anything like me, I have alot my body does not like or plays up with my IBS We had a little task to pick one meal and eat that little bit slower so we can enjoy our food and to take our time. Im really sick and tired of diets and all I want to do is to eat healthy and put good food into my body for energy.

Self Care and Serenity

Something I know I don’t do enough of and I really need to invest more in myself, so some tips I have got are, 1) Its not selfish to take time for me as if we dont look after ourselves then how are we going to be rational and deal with everyday situations if we are constantly stressed, 2) A bullet journal is something you could just write down three things youve done something great that day. 3) Breathing exercises are really good as you can take 10 minutes for you to feel more calmer and happier. 4) Having a bath. 5) Sit down with a cup of tea and a magazine or a book. 6) drink more water as thats so important for you and your body. 7) put a screensaver that gives you something positive to see and lifts you. 8) The clemintine app is fantastic in gives you daily mantras and there is lots of breathing exercises, well worth a look and its free.

Future You

This is something that is really positive You have to sit or whilst your out walking or going to work just visualise where you want to be in the future it sounds crazy and thats exactly how I felt doing it but believe me it makes me feel more positive and gives me a whole new look at it.

Cleaning The Clutter

I have no problem with this topic as I love de cluttering everywhere but never thought about de cluttering my mind. Sit and think about who needs to be taking up my time and who sucks up my energy, and I’ve had a good clear out, also a good declutter around the house.

How To Fill Your Happiness Cup

Taking time out of your day to do something for you filling that happiness cup is such a lovely saying and so imprtant to us on a whole, spending time with a friend, or coffee in the garden just doing something that makes you feel good, and with time you will start to feel it.

So that’s what I have taken from this bootcamp and Ive just got to put it all in to practice now and stop doubting myself and gain that bit more confidence I am worthy and I am here so its free to be who I am and to start enjoying what I do have and not what I dont.

Ive had so much fun over the past week with Helen its really opened my eyes things have been said that I know already I just needed to be told. I have downloaded the Clemintine app and I use it daily and have the mantras pop up on my phone throughout the day.

Taking that step outside your comfort zone is scary but we only live once so lets do this.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post I hope you can gain something from it.


Claire Xx


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  1. Very interesting Claire ? sorry you are not feeling great at the mo ? it will pass with time and self care.
    I know exactly how you feel, I’ve got to a stage in my life where I just do what I want how I want and I wear what I want and look how I want and I don’t care what anybody else thinks and it’s bloody great ???
    It’s taken 44 yrs to get to this stage and it feels so good not caring what others think anymore ?
    Now the children are a bit older I get more time for me and I’m loving it.
    My family will always be the centre of my world but it’s so lovely to just do more of what I want now with out feeling so guilty ?
    I’ve joined up to do a mindfulness and well being course with future learn, have you ever heard of them? It’s free and you just pay for a certificate at the end of it, I’ve done a creative writing course with them before.
    Perhaps you could look it up you might find it of interest.
    Anyway I will stop running on now lol but I hope you feel better soon and I’m always here if you need a chat ?

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