“Its Ok Not To Be Ok”

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Self Care everyone talks about it but how many of us actually do take it seriously. I know for a fact I find it so hard to actually take time for myself as it always makes me feel so guilty as I should be doing something else.

 This is all wrong we need to do it more than ever,

After having one of my flare ups the other weekend, I shared it on my Instagram and did’nt quiet imagine the response I would get from it. So many of us live with an invisable illness and I recieved many messages of love and kindness and others sharing there own battles.

I think its so important to understand we all have our little battles even if you can see them or not.

So much had happened in my life over the past few weeks big changes, my eldest Joing the Army sooner than we thought, No longer needed at work. And the hype after christmas. Yes I know these are very average things to happen but to me it was such a big deal. I really struggled to get my head round it that I went on overdrive and didnt stop so I cleaned and tidied places that didnt even need it. This is how I use to cope before I had fibromyalgia.

My body then started shouting at me and began to hurt and hurt my emotions then went all awol and my melt down roared. I was really sad and that sounds crazy to say, out loud but it was true.

When I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia I made a Plan and wrote it down so when I started feeling that life was getting too much, my body starting to hurt more than usual I was to look at the plan and stop.

(that plan went out the window because I thought I was super women again) 

Well that plan has to be made up again so im going to share with you my plan and if you want to make your own plans up please do we have to look after each other on this. You dont have to have an invisable illness or visable one to do this we all need self care in our lives.

  • Learn to say No (Thats a hard one for me )
  • Take time everyday for something I enjoy
  • Stick to my housework routine (this way I keep on top of it so if im feeling it a bit it wont matter)
  • Drink More water and keep eating mindful
  • Walk Buddy (This does helps keep my joints moving and clears my head)
  • Have a bath once a week (yes I do shower but i love baths and never make time for them)
  • Well these are mine nothing fancy just what I know helps keep me on top of it this wont prevent a flare up but it will help me when one does raise.


I was really overwhelmed by all the support I got through my Instagram community I really feel we need to stick together on this one and support each other, When we are having a bad day share it tell people lets highlight this and not let the Invisable illness win, It does not make us weak or any less of a women if we admit we are in Pain, feeling low its how we deal with it that helps.



Take care and remember we are all in this together

Love Claire Xx



  1. You’re right Claire in everything you’ve said above – my self care is a little hand sewing, then an early night.
    I also set aside one day per week to sit at my sewing machines and just sew – sewing helps me to keep grounded – I’m glad that you’ve gone back to your plan – it is about finding out what works for each of us and sticking with it – take care xxx

    1. It’s lovely to hear that you find seeing helpful for you especially as you enjoy it we all need that one thing we can really rely on to help ground us. Thank you for taking the time to comment. ?xxx

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