Chocolate Brownies (you know you want too)


I thought I would share the chocolate Brownie recipe that I use I’ve even done a Youtube video for it too which will be out Sunday. I have used this recipe for many years now its a Miranda Gore Browne recipe from her Bake me a cake as fast as you can book.

So pull up a chair and a cuppa…. Let’s catch up, I’ve been so busy the weeks are just flying past, Ive been keeping myself so busy with lots of gardening at home and the allotment, I think its the best way I have been able to deal with this Covid 19. But times are changing and it looks like come Monday we will be stepping back into normality a little bit more, Im not sure if thats a good thing or a bad thing is it so soon or is it just me being over anxious. I think I will keep safe and stay home where I can and only go out if i really have too. I think its not seeing friend’s that’s been the hardest for me as I don’t have any family around me anymore, Hubbies family are in Kent and we don’t see them much either. So it is quite normal for me to surround myself within my four walls.This is home a place I feel the most secure and away from everything.

I asked on my social media what people found had changed from this all and what they can take from it all. The response was the same overall. Everyone has enjoyed the little things in life and learnt to appreciate the things that are around them along with the quality family time that has been forced upon them which Im sure there have been many arguments as everyone gets on each others nerves but we may never have this time together again so why not make it count. I have enjoyed the slower pace I know you may think (Claire your never slow) but I have got more projects done that Ive needed to do which saves me time later which believe me is good. But now it”s nice as things are starting to get easier and I feel there is a light at the end of the tunnel. There has been many days where Ive had more ups and downs than a rollercoaster. But I count my blessings it could be a lot worse.

I think everyones homes and gardens have had so much love over the past 9 weeks that we should start to sit and appreciate them more now. If you want to get involved feel free to comment below with your thoughts on what’s changed within you and your family and if there is anything you have learnt from this all.

Here is the Chocolate Brownie that I make I absolutely love making this and often add different things to it like cherries, white chocolate chunks, Rolos are great in this too.

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and if so please like this down below and if you want to leave me a comment that would be great too.

Have a lovely week take care and stay safe.



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